18 January 2015

Valentine Cards

Hi, everyone!

Tonight I have some cards that I made for a swap I am in.  Do you all like swaps?  Should I get some started here?  Leave some feedback in the comments!  :)

I used to do a ton of them in Yahoo groups (remember them??).  I even had my own swap group called 'Scrappin for Swaps'.  This was back in the early 2000's, when my kids were toddlers and I had more time!  The older they get, the less time I have it seems!

So it felt good to do a swap again.  I was to make 6 Valentine themed cards, and I decided to make them all different.  I used a lot of my Target dollar bin stuff (you can see my YouTube video for that here). The dinosaur card is actually a kids valentine, so I slapped that on a card as well.  :)  

 Hope you like them and thanks for visiting! :)  

Be sure to follow me for all my latest creations!  :)

1 comment:

  1. I love your Valentines Day cards- and I enjoy that you made each one different. Swaps are great for different ideas. I swap with an ATC group and we have different themes- great to 'stretch' my skills and try different techniques/layouts/colors too!