23 September 2014

Back to the blog!

Hello out there!  I have decided to get back to keeping up a blog....I was pretty good about doing one about 9 years ago, then the kids started getting active with activities, and well, you know how it goes. Zero time for mom.   This time I was going to focus my blog on my favorite hobby and passion....scrapbooking and making cards. Here I will share my creations and maybe give some tips and tricks to the art of card making. I may even try my hand at making a video if I can figure out how to do that. :).

Here is a card I created last week using copic markers to color. I will add the colors I used later, but I like how this flower turned out.

This is a sample of what I'd like to share on my blog, and feel free to give me suggestions/feedback....I'd love to hear it!  :)

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